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Contraception Myths

Fact NOT Fiction!

Check out some of the most common Myths that we hear from young people - and what the actual TRUTH is...
1. The morning after pill only works the morning after! This is widely believed, probably due to the name people use for it, but it is very untrue. EHC can work up to 5 days after sex but is more successful the sooner you receive it so don’t delay if you have had sex and have no form of regular effective contraception .
2. You can only get EHC from a sexual health clinic! Actually there are many chemists who are also able to provide Emergency Hormonal Contraception as well as Walk-in-Centres, local sexual health clinics, walk in centres, GP surgeries and Brook centres. There is a list of pharmacies where you can get EHC in our ways to help section.
3. EHC causes an abortion! This is simply not true and does not cause abortion. EHC works by disrupting ovulation and therefore preventing pregnancy. To get all the facts speak to a sexual health professional.
4. The morning after pill is only for people who are not using regular contraception! Even if you are using a regular form of contraception and for whatever reason this has failed you can still use both so don’t worry about using EHC so don’t delay and seek advice as soon as possible.
5. EHC will work for the rest of my cycle won’t it? No, if you took the EHC pill yesterday and had unprotected sex again today it will not protect you from unwanted pregnancies after the first course was taken. You may need to take a further course of EHC. The best thing to do is visit your local sexual health clinic, walk in centre, Brook centre or GP to get the right information you need.


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