Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

This section explores what CSE is and also covers information on topics such as 'grooming' - click here to view.

How to Help Yourself and Others?

These tips from will help you saty safe online

​Protect your online reputation

Use the tools provided by online services to manage your digital footprints and ‘think before you post.’ Content posted online can last forever and could be shared publicly by anyone.

​Know where to find help

Understand how to report to service providers and use blocking and deleting tools. If something happens that upsets you online, it’s never too late to tell someone.

​Don’t give in to pressure

If you lose your inhibitions you’ve lost control; once you’ve pressed send you can’t take it back.

​Respect the law

Use reliable services and know how to legally access the music, film and TV you want.

​Acknowledge your sources

Use trustworthy content and remember to give credit when using other people’s work/ideas.

Who Else Can Help?

There are lots of local and national organisations who can offer support, advice & guidance if you need it. 



​Once it's out there! It's out there!

Be careful what you post onto the internet whether that's a picture or written words! Once it's on the internet it will always be there...even if you try and delete it!

​Only girls are sexually exploited???

Although trends may show that girls maybe more likely to be victims of sexual exploitation and boys more likely to be criminally exploited this does not mean this is always the case. In 2016 a Barnardo’s exploitation services survey found that 30 males had been groomed online from 297 victims. Also despite boys generally falling foul of criminal exploitation girls have also been victims.