Ways to Help Yourself & Others


Apply Sunscreen!

It’s simple really but applying plenty of sunscreen, with a minimum SPF15 factor and 4 stars highlighted on the bottle, can help save your skin from the damaging effects caused by the sun’s harmful rays. Sunscreen needs to be applied at least 30 minutes before you go out into the sun and reapplied often especially if you have been in water. See the facts section for more advice on sunscreen.

Stay cool!

Nice sunny days not only encourage us to go outside more but it also means you need to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids whilst avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks.

Avoid the hottest part of the day, which is between 11am – 3pm by cooling off in the shade. It’s also a good idea to wear a hat to protect your head, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and a t-shirt as clothing is one of the best barriers between your skin and the sun. Most fabrics will provide some protection from the sun’s rays, however, a fabric rated above UPF15 provides good protection against UV radiation, but UPF50+ is more recommended.

Follow the weather forecast if you’re going outdoors. Whether you’re planning a BBQ, day out or you need to work outside its wise to always check the UV information. Most daily weather forecast will include the UV information for the day so you can prepare your sunscreen before you go out. You can also check the UV index forecast for different parts of the UK at the Met Office website by visiting www.metoffice.gov.uk

Consider false tan!

Remember every time you use a sunbed or lay in the sun all day you are damaging your skin. Sunbeds certainly is not a safe alternative to sun tanning. We know the harmful effects of UV radiation damages your skin but false tan is easy to apply and will not age your skin making you look wrinkly and old before your time. False tan does not cause painful sunburn, sunstroke or cause melanoma’s leading to skin cancer. It can be cheap to purchase and can produce a tan much quicker than sitting under a sunbed whilst at the same time helping you get the tan you want for that specific occasion.

Visit your doctor!

Report any unusual moles or skin changes to your doctor as soon as possible – this could be moles growing, getting darker even in just one part of the mole, scabbing or itching. Finding skin cancer early can save lives.

Who Else Can Help?

If you’re a young person and need help, information advice or support concerning sun safety awareness or related issues then help is available from: